Unique facial treatments, without injections or cosmetic surgery

Specializing in the highest quality facial treatments, we utilize state-of-the-art European devices, exceptional products, and innovative techniques to ensure visible results after each treatment.

Specializing in the highest quality facial treatments, we utilize state-of-the-art European devices, exceptional products, and innovative techniques to ensure visible results after each treatment.

Collagen Effect - Mask with silk fibers


Collagen Effect

Discover the Collagen Effect treatment, an unparalleled relaxation and revitalization experience for your skin. Start your journey with a deep cleanse with a dual-action scrub that refines your pores and gives a radiant glow to your complexion. Then let yourself be enveloped in the soothing benefits of a relaxing facial massage, perfectly preparing your skin for the revolutionary application of a collagen sheet mask.

This ultimate treatment provides intense hydration, significantly improves skin elasticity and actively combats the signs of aging. With Collagen Effect treatment, discover visibly rejuvenated, supple and luminous skin, reflecting the pinnacle of innovation and luxury in skin care.

This exclusive treatment is offered to you while stocks last, the number of masks being in limited quantity.

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4.7 / 5

68 reviews

4.7 / 5

743 reviews

Testimonial 8

A little moment of absolute well-being, thank you! I left Papillon de beauté completely relaxed with baby skin.

I really enjoyed this Asahi-massage, I will do it again!

Alessia R.

Agenda.ch, 2023

Testimonial 6

Warm welcome, professional advice with real experience of the different skin types and follow-up of the proposed treatment.


Agenda.ch, 2023


What an experience, just great! I really enjoy the great service (speak English, take jacket, offer drink, etc.)

Elena and her team know what they are doing and are very professional. They explain very precisely the steps and why certain skin problems can arise.

I have now finished the second treatment of Peels and Dermastamp and I am very satisfied. Already during the first treatment I noticed a big improvement, but even more after the second!

Very satisfied with the price-performance ratio.

Kimberly H.

Google, 2021

Testimonial 3

Warm welcome, smiling staff and good advice. Very good result of my tanning shower this morning with an even complexion.

I feel like I just came back from a weeks vacation at the beach. THANKS !

Sibyl M.

Agenda.ch, 2023

Testimonial 1

Best facial I've got in a while! Very friendly staff and clean! Will definitely recommend and go back very soon!

Frodo C.

Google, 2021

Testimonial 4

Care Aqua Boost + was very nice. The beautician was very good advice for my beauty routine and very professional during my treatment. Loved it and recommend to 100%!

Soriane M.

agenda.ch, 2021

Testimonial 5

Excellent work, done with great care and delicacy. Against all expectations in view of the treatment (electric hair removal).

A moment of relaxation and well-being. Thank you 🙂

Geraldine C.

agenda.ch, 2020

Testimonial 7

A real cocooning moment, full of kindness, thoughtfulness, listening and advice. Thank you so much !

Nora S.

agenda.ch, 2021

The comments above are authentic and the photos illustrating them are not those of the authors for a question of copyright.

PRX-T33 Biorevitalizing Peel

care of the moment

Aqua Boost + facial treatment

Our Aqua Boost+ treatment is ideal for people whose time is precious and looking for immediate results. It includes a painless cleaning thanks to ultra-sonic technology, a peeling using a device and an mask pose suitable for your skin type.

Find deeply hydrated skin, intensely luminous and perfectly cleansed without extraction. A treatment based on glycolic acid and vitamins E + F.

your beauty routine

Our treatments extend to you

In order to prolong the effects of treatment at the institute, we encourage you to set up a beauty routine which will allow your skin to keep all its radiance.

We offer you high quality professional products according to the needs of your skin, as well as valuable advice to avoid waste.

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