September 16

5 causes of ineffective laser hair removal or pulsed light

But why did laser hair removal not work for me? Will your laser be more efficient? After answering these questions dozens of times, I thought it was time to write an article.

As a preamble, let us recall the principle of this type of hair removal: a heat beam which destroys the hair and its structures (the bulb and the stem cells) by thermal effect, so that the hair will no longer be able to grow back.

The professional devices considered to be the most efficient for fair skin are the Alexandrite laser and intense pulsed light (IPL or flash lamp). There are also pulsed light devices for home use, but their limited wattage does not meet the requirements of most people. To understand the difference between these types of devices, refer to this article.

Here is a list of the main reasons that can lead to ineffective treatment:

1. Your hairs were pulled out in the month before laser hair removal

If your hairs were pulled out with tweezers, wax / resin or with an epilator, the treatment will have no effect as they are necessary for the thermal effect to take place.

2. Your skin is tanned

The clearer your skin, the more the specialist can increase the intensity of the laser. For maximum results, it is therefore best that your skin has its natural color.

3. The thickness or color of your hair is not adequate

The laser is effective on thick black hair. It will have no effect on red, blonde, white, pepper and salt hairs, nor on sleeping bags. It often happens that the hair is not mature enough in women under 20 or in men under 25.

4. Device settings were incorrect.

The configuration of the device used will vary according to the type of hair and the color of the skin. Improper setting can make treatment ineffective or worse, burn the skin irreversibly.

5. The appliance was not properly serviced.

Some parts of the device must be replaced on a regular basis, such as the bulb used for intense pulsed light, which will be less and less effective when it is not replaced after a certain number of times. flashes.

At the Butterfly Beauty Institute, we offer you a non-binding consultation to give you personalized information according to your skin type, your hair type and your state of health.


Laser hair removal

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