March 23

Beauty routine: the 3 most common mistakes of our clients

Elena Berclaz

Papillon de beauté

Too many people complain about "getting old" because of little mistakes that, over the years, have devastating consequences on the condition of their skin.

In this article, we take you through the most common mistakes we noticed when analyzing our clients' beauty routines. Like them, change your habits slightly and avoid heavy and expensive treatments in the future.

Skin type and condition guide your Beauty Routine

First of all, in order to opt for effective home skin care, it is essential to know the characteristics of your skin. This is because there are simply no products that work on all skin types, even though some brands claim the opposite in their advertisements.

If you want results, care active are necessary, and they are developed taking into account a certain type and condition of the skin.

As you probably already know, there are four types of skin: dry, normal, oily, and combination. Skin type does not change over time. On the other hand, skin condition varies according to many parameters such as climate, years, maintenance, etc.

Your skin can therefore present different types of problems:

  • Dehydrated skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Wrinkles and other age-related changes
  • Dull skin, etc.

Fortunately, it is always possible to correct or alleviate these problems with the right care and products. Obviously, products with a drying effect on dry skin should be avoided, but did you know that it is essential to hydrate oily skin properly?

At Papillon de beauté, we have helped many clients improve their beauty routines at home and here we bring you the 3 most common mistakes we have encountered:

face cleansing with soap

1. Wash your face with soap

Do you regularly wash your face with cosmetic or antibacterial soap? Without a doubt, the soap cleans well, but it does so aggressively and dries the skin. Frequent washing with soap and water can cause inflammation.

So it is better to use special foams or gels for washing the face. They work gently and without disturbing the natural microbiome of the skin.

A good cleanser is one that cleans effectively but gently. It is very easy to check if the mousse or gel is right for you: do you feel your skin comfortable, no redness, no dryness, no tightness, no itching or other unpleasant sensation?

Perfect, this product is for you!

face toner

2. Neglecting the toner

It is believed that you only need to rinse off makeup well and wash your face to prepare your skin for applying the cream. In this case, you neglect the third step which is essential: the use of the toner.

Why is this so important? We wash ourselves with water, most often from the tap, and the measurement of the acidity of the water is maintained at a pH of 8. But the pH of human skin varies from 4 to 6.5 and it It will take between 2 and 4 hours for your skin to return to its natural pH!

The tonic helps your skin return to neutral pH much faster, while refreshing, hydrating and fighting blemishes. Thus, the tonic for oily skin mattifies and helps fight inflammation, and that for dry skin soothes and restores the protective barrier.

Beauty routine: skin exfoliation

3. Exfoliate your skin too often

Our skin needs to be renewed periodically, otherwise the pores get clogged, which can lead to inflammation that will prevent the active substances from doing their job.

With exfoliating agents, it is necessary to know when to stop to prevent the sebaceous glands from working too hard.

You should be especially careful when using scrubs with harsh natural abrasives, for example with apricot or cherry pits. The friction of the particles of these products can create micro-cracks in the skin and cause inflammation.

Do not use them more than once or twice a week!

Learn more

Our Papillon de beauté institute in Lausanne specializes in facials. If you want personalized professional advice for your beauty routine, you will find more information on our skin analysis.


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