Massages that adapt to your mood

Discover our catalog of massages for a moment of relaxation in a relaxing atmosphere.

Hydrating relaxing massage

A relaxing and detoxifying massage with honey or rose.

1h00 - 1h30

100.- to 150.-

Back massage

The professional world and the current pace of life often have the effect of accumulating many muscular tensions in the back. In addition to a relaxing effect, this massage helps relieve pain and restore postural balance.



Scalp massage

Beyond the sensation of well-being that it brings, the cranial massage softens the scalp and activates micro-circulation. This allows the blood to better transport the nutrients necessary for the vitality of the hair, this to the hair follicles.

Thanks to this massage, your hair will be toned and it will gain strength and shine.



Foot or hand massage

Our feet and hands contain many nerve endings that are in constant communication with our brain. Constantly called upon, they are the first victims of stress and fatigue.

Our foot or hand massages are powerful natural remedies against back tension and other muscle pain. In addition, they help you eliminate stress, relax and reduce negative emotions.