Electric Hair Removal

Our specialty for more than 7 years

Price: 20.- fixed and 3.- per minute

electric hair removal

Electric hair removal or electrolysis is a cutting-edge technique that is recognized as being truly definitive on all types of hair and skin. This technique can be applied to all parts of the body and has been shown to be effective even on the thinnest down and for ingrown hair problems.

A flexible disposable filament is slid along the pile to the matrix. A low-density current then heats the moist tissue and destroys the cells of the hair matrix. Each hair is treated individually and there is no risk of damage to the epidermis.

Our beauticians follow continuous training on these devices and the price of the treatment is calculated according to the duration, generally 20.- fixed and 3.- per minute.

Laser hair removal as an alternative

We use a latest generation laser made in Europe which allows cooling of the area for less pain and which avoids any risk of burns even for hyper-sensitive people.

laser room