Facial Treatments

Our specialty for more than 10 years

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Since the opening of our institute, we have always put facials at the center of our priorities. As each skin has its specificities, we offer tailor-made treatments.

For each of our treatments, we use the latest generation devices, innovative techniques and professional products of exceptional quality: Mesoestetic, Meddrop And Ingrid Millet (based on caviar).

Dermadrop TDA device - Oxygen pressure to penetrate the active ingredients to 4mm


The Dermadrop treatment combines efficiency and a pleasant treatment experience. It propels highly effective actives directly into the deepest layers of your skin through oxygen pressure.

It is the ideal treatment for all people who want to obtain the effects of injections, but without any risk or destructive effect on the health of their skin.

During this treatment, you feel a pleasantly refreshing light massage pressure on the surface of your skin, which regenerates itself from within and regains its natural radiance and firmness. Dermadop is a beneficial treatment for the face, but also for the body, hair and nails.

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Signature Treatments

The treatments in this category are carried out using innovative devices of European design which ensure excellent visible results from the first session.

All of our treatments are adapted to your desires and your current mood. Relaxants, detoxifiers, aromatics, energizers? We are always there to advise you.

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Elena Berclaz

The owner's advice

Are you hesitating between several facials? Book an "Aqua Boost +" treatment. On site, our beautician will be able to advise you and you will be free to choose a different treatment.

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Ingrid Millet Caviar

Ingrid Millet Caviar Treatments

Ingrid Millet has developed a range of exceptional cosmetics based on the inestimable benefits of materials as precious as they are unique: gold and caviar.

These rare and sought after substances conceal unsuspected secrets: they sublimate your beauty.

Professional facial peeling

Professional Chemical Peel

We have a range of professional chemical peels to treat abnormalities in depth with a strong skin rejuvenation action.

Whether you have hypersensitive skin (with acne or rosacea) or want a treatment during the summer period (UV compatible), we have what you need.

Skin analysis - Facial care

Skin Analysis

The skin analysis is an assessment of the condition of your skin. We identify imbalances and skin problems and determine the corrective routines to be performed at home. If necessary, we can define together a personalized treatment program.

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Clarisse C.

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I finally understood things that no dermatologist had explained to me. Years of expensive products against pimples and then my visit to Papillon de beauté, advice and rare support that gives hope. I finally found the miracle cure for beautiful skin after years of ordeal!

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Cosmelan revolutionary depigmentation technique

Cosmelan: Depigmentation program

The Cosmelan® method targets, treats and reduces pigmentation with a unique double action. By regulating the source of pigmentation and targeting the existing melanin formed, Cosmelan® helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots, blemishes and pigmentation irregularities.

Our Cosmelan® depigmentation program includes salon treatments, followed by six months of application of dedicated products at home.