Ingrid Millet Caviar Treatments

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Ingrid Millet Caviar

Ingrid Millet has developed a range of exceptional cosmetics based on the inestimable benefits of materials as precious as they are unique: gold and caviar.

These rare and sought after substances conceal unsuspected secrets: they sublimate your beauty.

Caviar 30 minutes 1

Thalasso Caviar 30min

Express revitalizing treatment: exfoliation and application of an alginate mask based on caviar.

Caviar offers a complete cellular menu, thanks to its composition of essential nutrients which are in perfect affinity with the skin: mineral salts, amino acids, essential fatty acids, trace elements as well as vitamins.

The ideal weekly treatment for healthy and radiant skin!



gold face and caviar

Gold & Caviar Treatment

The ultimate symbol of luxury, caviar offers a complete cellular menu, thanks to its exceptional composition of essential nutrients, in perfect affinity with the skin (amino acids, essential fatty acids, mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins). The caviar complex can be enjoyed with a variety of complementary technical active ingredients for enhanced efficiency.



Caviar "Botox-like" treatment

This precious relaxing anti-wrinkle program will densify and revitalize the tissues of your face so that your skin regains its comfort as well as a beautiful velvety and smooth appearance.



caviar pearl face

Specific treatment "Pearl of Caviar"

This specific treatment has been designed to preserve the youthfulness of your skin thanks to a triple hydration, anti-aging and radiance performance.

Its formulas with exquisite textures make multi-active technologies act in synergy with powerful moisturizers and a latest generation peptide which, with its "soft-peeling" effect, refines the skin texture and gives it an incomparable radiance.