Cleansing & Hydration

For radiant skin without impurities

Face hydration

So that your skin regains its radiance, luminosity and tone, we offer several cleansing and moisturizing treatments.

All of our treatments are adapted to your desires and your current mood. Relaxants, detoxifiers, aromatics, energizers? We are always there to advise you.

Premium cleaning

Our premium cleaning is carried out using a chromotherapy device with ultrasonic waves. Unlike the mechanical method which can injure sensitive skin and requires several days of recovery, this treatment is painless and without risk of inflammation or swelling.

Not only will your pores be deeply cleansed, but the ultrasonic waves will perform micro-massages that will make your skin younger and fresher thanks to the intensification of cellular metabolism.



Detoxifying treatment

This treatment will stimulate your skin's natural defense mechanisms to allow optimal functioning when it is no longer able to cope with all the attacks suffered. Thanks to a manual detox massage then using a ultrasound device, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed.

This treatment is ideal for regenerating overworked skin subjected to the effects of stress, UV rays, pollution and other sources of free radicals. In addition to a detoxifying effect, this treatment will improve the complexion of your skin as well as its hydration.



Aqua Boost

Our Aqua Boost treatment is ideal for people whose time is precious and who are looking for immediate results. It includes a painless cleaning thanks to ultra-sonic technology, a peeling using a device and an mask pose suitable for your skin type.

Following this treatment, your skin will be deeply hydrated and will have regained its radiance and firmness. The contours of your face will be better defined.



Intense purity

For all people with oily or combination skin, we recommend this treatment which takes place in three parts: one painless cleaning by ultrasound, a peeling with disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effects, and finally a detox mask.

An exceptional moment of relaxation, this treatment will give you healthy skin that has regained its purity, radiance and balance.