High Tech

Our specialty for more than 7 years

High-tech facial treatment

The treatments in this category are carried out using latest generation devices of European design which ensure excellent visible results from the first session.

If you do not know these treatments, we advise you to start with a skin analysis which will allow us to offer you a personalized treatment program based on your goals.

Global Anti-aging

Treatment to effectively fight wrinkles and sagging skin.



Dermastamp Micro-Needling

The eDermastamp device stimulates the regenerative processes of your body via cell proliferation, which results in the production of new collagen.

The thickness and structure of the epidermis visibly improve, fine lines and irregularities are reduced which leads to a general improvement in the texture of the skin.




The Meso-luxe treatment is based on a needle-free mesotherapy technique that will significantly improve the texture of your skin to achieve a lasting anti-aging effect.




For skin with more tone and vitality. Firming of tissues and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Intense hydration.



Light therapy

Light therapy consists in reproducing the sun's rays without ultraviolet rays and thus danger to the skin. We use a cold light whose light waves act on the different layers of the skin in order to stimulate the fibroplasts and to increase the production of collagen.

The Red light fights against cell aging and improves skin texture, while increasing micro-circulation and micro-nutrient supply. It also accelerates the healing of skin prone to acne or purplish stretch marks.

The blue light fights the causes of acne. Thanks to its anti-infectious action, it eliminates the bacteria responsible for the excessive production of sebum which are at the origin of the formation of pimples.