Professional Peelings

Whatever the season, we have a suitable peel

Whatever the season, we have a suitable peel

face peeling

We offer you personalized peel programs according to your skin type and your needs, where we will use peels acting at different levels of depth:


Peeling Starter

Superficial peel treating skin abnormalities while improving skin's radiance and texture.




Classic peeling

Peeling treating anomalies in depth with skin rejuvenation action.




Intense peeling

Intense peeling stimulating the production of collagen to combat sagging skin and improving skin texture.



V-Carbon Peeling Lausanne Face

V-Carbon Peel

Is your skin dull, tired or sagging?

In recent years, activated charcoal has grown in popularity in skin care as it absorbs bacteria, toxic agents, chemicals, dirt and other microparticles on the skin's surface, helping you fight acne and achieve a flawless complexion.

This unique non-invasive treatment has an exfoliating and purifying effect that enhances the facelift by penetrating deep into the pores. It is the ideal system for tightening large pores and removing dead cells from the superficial epidermal layer for healthy skin.

Ideal for all ages, detox effect guaranteed from the first session!



BioRevitalization Peel PRX-T33 Lausanne Peeling

PRX-T33 Biorevitalizing Peel

PRX-T33 is the new generation of biorevitalizer that does not require injections. This revolutionary "non-peel" peel was developed as a treatment for children's scars, but is now used to correct facelift scars, stretch marks and sagging skin in adults.

Thanks to the TCA which penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin, this intense stimulation creates immediate hydration, firmness and tightening of the skin while leaving the top layer of skin intact.

This non-peeling peel is therefore particularly suitable for active people who want to keep a perfect image at all times.



Mesoéclat Lausanne Peeling Treatment

Mesoéclat Anti-aging

Our Mesoéclat treatment provides intense and immediate stimulation of the skin's defense mechanisms in order to effectively fight against the factors that accelerate the physiological process of skin aging.

In addition to stimulating the dermis, this treatment provides the elements necessary for optimal nutrition and hydration, while acting in depth to counter the signs of fatigue and aging.

From the first session, you notice a rejuvenating effect that illuminates and revitalizes your face thanks to a brightening effect with powerful anti-dark spot action: you get a smooth and even skin.



Visible, immediate and progressive results, obtained in a controlled and safe way

  • Purify and oxygenate the skin
  • Improved skin texture
  • Anti-aging skin
  • Brightness
  • Depigmenting action
  • Acne Treatment
  • Rosacea treatment
  • Treatment of melasma
  • Reduction of scars