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The treatments in this category are carried out using innovative devices of European design which ensure excellent visible results from the first session.

If you do not know these treatments, we advise you to start with a Skin Analysis which will allow us to offer you a personalized treatment program based on your goals.

Asahi facial massage in Lausanne


The Asahi massage is a unique experience of relaxation and well-being for your face. This innovative massage of Japanese origin is specially designed to revitalize and firm your skin while stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation.

In a soothing and elegant setting, our experienced therapists combine ancestral and modern techniques to offer a personalized treatment, adapted to your specific needs. The Asahi Treatment begins with a deep cleansing and delicate exfoliation, followed by a series of fluid and harmonious movements to stimulate the facial muscles and release tension.

Thanks to this method, you will be able to benefit from a radiant complexion, firmer skin and a visibly rested and rejuvenated face. Let yourself be carried away by this well-being parenthesis and find a new balance between body and mind. The Asahi Treatment is the luxury touch your face needs to radiate health and beauty.



Contour Boost

Contour Boost

Genetics and lifestyle determine the needs of each skin. Our care Contour Boost combines personalization and the most advanced aesthetic technology in a unique anti-aging treatment formulated with epigenetic actives.

Personalized treatment to effectively combat skin aging and see exceptional results from the first session.



Premium facial cleansing at Lausanne-Gare

Premium Cleansing

Our premium cleaning is carried out using a chromotherapy device with ultrasonic waves. Unlike the mechanical method which can injure sensitive skin and requires several days of recovery, this treatment is painless and without risk of inflammation or swelling.

Not only will your pores be deeply cleansed, but the ultrasonic waves will perform micro-massages that will make your skin younger and fresher thanks to the intensification of cellular metabolism.



Detoxifying Treatment

This treatment will stimulate your skin's natural defense mechanisms to allow optimal functioning when it is no longer able to cope with all the attacks suffered. Thanks to a manual detox massage then using a ultrasound device, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed.

This treatment is ideal for regenerating overworked skin subjected to the effects of stress, UV rays, pollution and other sources of free radicals. In addition to a detoxifying effect, this treatment will improve the complexion of your skin as well as its hydration.



aqua boost face

Aqua Boost +

Our new Aqua Boost + treatment is ideal for people whose time is precious and who are looking for immediate results. It includes a painless cleaning thanks to ultra-sonic technology, a peeling using a device and an mask pose suitable for your skin type.

Find deeply hydrated skin, intensely luminous and perfectly cleansed without extraction. A treatment based on glycolic acid and vitamins E + F.



intense purity face

Intense Purity

For all people with oily or combination skin, we recommend this treatment which takes place in three parts: one painless cleaning by ultrasound, a peeling with disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effects, and finally a detox mask.

An exceptional moment of relaxation, this treatment will give you healthy skin that has regained its purity, radiance and balance.



Synchronized Liftometry in Lausanne

Synchronized Liftometry

This unique treatment combines the four sources of energy that are light therapy, thethermal energy, the pulsed microcurrents and thetransdermal infusion.

It allows to obtain long-lasting results visible immediately thanks to the improvement of muscle tone, stimulation of collagen production to erase the signs of skin aging.



face dermastamp

Dermastamp Micro-Needling

The eDermastamp device stimulates the regenerative processes of your body via cell proliferation, which results in the production of new collagen.

The thickness and structure of the epidermis visibly improve, fine lines and irregularities are reduced which leads to a general improvement in the texture of the skin.



Meso luxury 1


The Meso-luxe treatment is based on a needle-free mesotherapy technique that will significantly improve the texture of your skin to achieve a lasting anti-aging effect. Find deeply hydrated skin, intensely luminous and perfectly cleansed, without extraction.

During the summer, we can combine this treatment with a Summer Peeling so that your skin regains all its energy. Contact us for more information.





Our LED light therapy helps increase the growth of new tissue and stimulate collagen production, which visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Red and infrared light stimulates the skin at the cellular level and has been shown to be a very effective treatment for skin aging and for blemishes such as rosacea.



Light therapy 1

Light Therapy

Light therapy consists in reproducing the sun's rays without ultraviolet rays and thus danger to the skin. We use a cold light whose light waves act on the different layers of the skin in order to stimulate the fibroplasts and to increase the production of collagen.

The Red light fights against cell aging and improves skin texture, while increasing micro-circulation and micro-nutrient supply. It also accelerates the healing of skin prone to acne or purplish stretch marks.

The blue light fights the causes of acne. Thanks to its anti-infectious action, it eliminates the bacteria responsible for the excessive production of sebum which are at the origin of the formation of pimples.




Treatment of imperfections

Treatment of rosacea, pigment spots, papillomas, etc.

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