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Japanese manicure: the beauty secret of your hands

Taking care of your hands is essential to feeling beautiful and good about yourself. After all, our hands are a reflection of our personality and are constantly in demand on a daily basis.

At Papillon de beauté, we have chosen to offer you a unique method to pamper your hands: the Japanese manicure. In this article, we invite you to discover this ancestral technique which sublimates the natural beauty of your nails. We will talk in particular about its origins and the course of the treatment.

So, ready to dive into the world of Japanese manicure? Let's go !

Origins and philosophy of Japanese manicure

The Japanese manicure, also known as P-Shine or Japanese nail care, has its origins in Japanese tradition. It dates back centuries, when samurai polished their fingernails to strengthen and protect them.

Over time, this practice spread in Japanese society and was adopted by women wishing to take care of their nails without using polishes or chemicals.

The Japanese manicure is based on a philosophy that promotes natural beauty and healthy nails. Unlike traditional manicures, it does not require the application of polishes or potentially harmful chemicals. Instead, she relies on natural ingredients and specific techniques to strengthen the nails and make them shiny.

Differences with traditional manicures

The Japanese manicure differs from classic manicures in several respects:

Lack of varnish

The Japanese manicure does not use nail polish, which allows the nails to retain their moisture and natural beauty.

natural products

The ingredients used in this method are mainly natural and nourishing for the nails, such as beeswax, rice, or pearl powder.

Nail polishing

One of the key stages of the Japanese manicure is polishing, which gives the nails an incomparable shine without the use of synthetic products.


Thanks to its benefits on the health of the nails, the Japanese manicure helps to prevent breakage and splitting, for a lasting and aesthetic result.

The key stages of the Japanese manicure

1- Nail cleaning and preparation

The session begins with a thorough cleaning of your hands and nails, in order to remove all traces of varnish or impurities. Then, our expert estheticians will trim and file your nails into the desired shape, while gently pushing back the cuticles for a neat result.

2- Application of Japanese paste and powder

Japanese manicure uses a paste enriched with natural ingredients such as beeswax, pearl powder, and plant extracts to nourish and strengthen the nails. This paste is applied to each of your nails using a wooden stick. Next, a thin layer of mineral powder is sprinkled over the paste to maximize its nourishing effects.

3- Nail polishing

The final step is to polish the nails using a special leather file. This intensive shine helps seal in the active ingredients and give the nails exceptional shine that will last for several weeks.

Japanese manicure polishing nails

The benefits of care

Stronger and healthier nails

Thanks to the natural and nourishing ingredients used during the Japanese manicure, your nails will be stronger, more flexible and less prone to breakage and splitting.

A natural shine

The meticulous polishing of the nails gives them an incomparable shine, without having to resort to varnishes or synthetic products. Your nails will regain their natural beauty and shine.

Stimulates nail growth

The Japanese manicure also promotes healthy nail growth. By deeply nourishing the nails and cuticles, this method helps stimulate nail growth and maintain their natural balance. You will be able to enjoy longer and stronger nails over time.


The Japanese manicure is an ancestral technique that offers many benefits for your nails and your hands. Thanks to natural and nourishing ingredients, it strengthens and beautifies your nails without using chemicals.

Intensive polishing gives an incomparable and long-lasting shine, revealing the natural beauty of your nails. Don't wait any longer to give your hands and nails the care they deserve, and immerse yourself in the world of Japanese manicure!


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