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Mesoestetic, world reference in the medical cosmetics and aesthetic medicine sector

Papillon de beauté

At Papillon de beauté, we do not no compromise on quality, this is why we use professional products resulting from the most advanced research in the field of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine, including products mesoestetic.

We chose to stay 100% independent of brands, unlike many institutes, which allows us to work with several brands in parallel and to adapt our offer quickly when new, more efficient players arrive on the market.

Our experience of more than 10 years has allowed us to develop our own treatment protocols which offer better results than the standard protocols generally offered on the market.

Today, we work in particular with products from mesoestetic laboratories. From its beginnings, this company has been able to focus on the development and marketing of high quality products developed in collaboration with hospitals, universities and recognized specialists in the sector.

Mesoestetic treatments at the Papillon de beauté Lausanne institute

Mesoestetic: Care at the institute

Applied by qualified professionals in our Papillon de beauté institute, these treatments are adapted and personalized for each client. Each protocol includes the steps of prevention, preparation, treatment, maintenance and follow-up.

Our Signature facials are based on exclusive Papillon de beauté protocols that maximize the effects of the active substances in mesoestetic products.

Mesoestetic products for your beauty routine at home

Mesoestetic: Home care

We offer you products for men and women to take care of your skin and your figure on a daily basis. Each mesoestetic product is part of a meticulous routine that encompasses the steps of hygiene, care and protection.

An adequate beauty routine is essential to obtain the best results: the hygiene phase optimizes the action of the active ingredients when the treatment is applied and the protection prevents and controls the harmful effects of the sun on the skin.

We offer you a skin analysis in order to recommend a personalized beauty routine that takes into account both your skin type and its current condition, for fast results without waste.